What Is Quakerism?

The message at the heart of Quakerism is pretty simple. In these brief videos, find out what it's all about. Turn on your speakers!

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What are Testimonies?  


Friends have, over time, developed some consistent ways of behavior and of interacting with the world that we call our testimonies.  There have been many testimonies over the years, but a basic list of our testimonies is often remembered with the acronym SPICES:  simplicity, peace, integrity, community, equality, stewardship.
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What are SPICES?


Quakers believe in following certain tenants of the faith:
We try to live our lives simply, with integrity, treating everyone equally.  We are opposed to war, and encourage peaceful resolution to conflict.   We believe that all humans need to be good stewards of the earth, limiting wasteful use of non-renewable resources and encouraging exploration of sustainable innovations in energy, agriculture and other 

S - Simplicity
P - Peace
I - Integrity
C - Community
E - Equality
S - Stewardship

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What are the Queries?


Quakers explore many facets of their daily lives to be sure that each is living in harmony with the Quaker community, the wider communities and the planet.

Faith & Practice includes advice on procedures within the faith, membership, current practice for conducting meeting business and numerous quotations from Friends on belief, worship, concerns, leadings, and testimonies.

Quakerbooks.org is currently selling copies of Faith & Practice.

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What is Vocal Ministry?  


While Quakers generally 

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When and How Did Quakerism Begin?





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